the writing on the wall


on the scence :

A : He saw the writing on the wall for the British car industry several years ago.

B : Oh, How clever he is.

drive someone up the wall

drive可以有几种解释,普通的意思就是开车。但是在这个俗语里,drive解释为促使。这句话的字面意思是“把人逼到墙头上”,而整个句子drive someone up the wall的实际意思就是某一个情况促使一个人非常紧张,难受或者是使其很烦躁。如:That guy in the next apartment has been playing his trumpet for four solid hours now and it’s driving me up the wall! (隔壁那套房间里的人吹喇叭已经吹了整整四个小时了。这简直快把我逼疯了。)

on the scence :

A : His arrogance has almost driven most of us up the wal. And we thought we would nail our colors to the mast.

B : But you didn’t do. When you are with him, you all seem to be hat in hand.

A : We didn’t have the courage. And we don’t want to get in Dutch with the boss.

nail our colors to the mast (明确表达我们的想法)

hit the ground running

要理解习惯用语hit the ground running, 我们可以想象一下那些跳出机舱空降到敌区去的伞兵。他们一着陆就得马上脱离降落伞,立刻带上武器冲向他们的目标。伞兵着陆后飞速执行重要使命。由此引申hit the ground running为“立刻快马加鞭地开展重要工作”。

on the scence :

A : Is there anything we can do for you ?

B : Yes, a lot. Listen, guys, we have to hit the ground running here. We want interviews with three TV stations, and visits to a school, a hospital and a factory. Plus dinner with big contributors. Okay, let’s get moving.

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